Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ugh...foot dragging

I talked to the landlord today, and she said that she hadn't decided if she was going to sell the house or rent it again. She needed time to think about it. I had held out some hope that she could put an ad in the paper right away and maybe get someone in here to rent and we could be out by next weekend. Not happening now. I guess on the plus side that means I can stop working on stuff every second of the day. On the minus side, the next month will be really really hard, because we have an extra $300 (at least) for renting a car, plus another $50 on the car payment to pay for the repairs, plus $500-$700 to make a dent in what we have to pay for the repairs. It just keeps adding up.

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kathyj333 said...

Seems like things always have to happen on someone else's schedule. Hang in there.