Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hurry hurry hurry

Just a quick post before the library closes...that's where I get to go to use the internet now. Yay fun, especially considering that during the week DH doesn't get home from work until they're ready to close, so if I come down I get to sit outside and feel like I'm a thief. Anyway.

Dieting Not good, not bad, just pretty much not anything. I'm trying to pay more attention to my eating and do the stuff I've learned from the Beck Diet Solution--I have my card with reasons that I want to lose weight that I read twice a day and before meals, I eat sitting down, and I have my diet picked out. Just slow going right now. But I'm still here, I swear! At this point it's looking like we may be able to get out by February. That would be nice.

Have to go...hope everyone out there is doing well, I don't have time to visit other journals today. I hope to be back soon.

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kathyj333 said...

Slow and steady wins the race.