Thursday, October 18, 2007

A good week, so far

I've been doing really well on food and exercise since Sunday. Weekends are hardest for me, so I know I can get through the rest of today and Friday, but Saturday and Sunday will be my real challenges.

Exercise is going pretty well, although I would like to get to the point where I can do a lot more with a lot less resting. I've done something every day, though. Monday I jogged, Tuesday I did a few toning videos off the cable OnDemand that added up to about twenty minutes. Wednesday I should have jogged again, but the shoes I bought on the weekend had made my toes go numb on Monday, so I had no shoes. Instead I did more OnDemand videos for about 30 minutes total, including a Tae Bo one that made me feel about as graceful as an elephant. Tonight I will probably be doing a couch potato-esque workout: toning exercises while watching TV. Not ideal, but it's what fits in right now and it's better than nothing. Tomorrow will be a cardio day again, but it'll undoubtedly be another video day.

I found this site today that I love, although I think it's been around for a while. I wish I had known about it before! I found Hungry Girl while I was looking for these Tofu Shirataki noodles, and I love it. I haven't seen it all yet, but so far I've seen recipes that look really good and a section called Chew the Right Thing. They list a "bad" food, like a patty melt or a sausage breakfast sandwich, and then show a healthy food that can be a commercial product or a recipe. I'm looking forward to seeing it all, I think it'll be a really big help for me since I love food so much.


kathyj333 said...

I read that if your toes go numb when you're exercising, it's because your feet swell. So you should get shoes that are about a half size bigger.

Jessica said...

It was weird, because in the front my toes were numb, but in the back they were slipping pretty badly, like they were already too big. I'm going to get more expensive shoes when I go back and see if that helps. Otherwise I'll probably have to go spend an obscene amount of money on a pair.