Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In which I am no fun to be around

I am In A Mood. I hate being In A Mood, as it makes me short with the kids (and thank God I only had mine today, or I might have torn out half the hair on my head) and then it makes me feel terrible for being short with the kids. I was doing fairly well until this Mood descended on me around 4 PM. Now it appears that only salt, carbs, and sugar can treat this horrible affliction. And maybe some pasta. DS#2 appears to also be In A Mood as he keeps following me around whining. I can blame his poutiness on teething, but I can't do the same for myself. (Is it odd that I think it's OK to be pissy if there's a reason? Being crabby because somebody broke something or your husband left a sinkful of dishes after you had just cleaned up is OK. Being a jerk for some inexplicable chemical/hormonal reason is not, apparently.)

I have taken my knitting back out. To backtrack, I am terrible about unitasking. I hate doing it. I cannot just sit still and do one thing. Even when I'm up and about doing things I don't like to be doing just one thing. So it was very hard to sit at night and do nothing else when reading or watching TV. Eating used to be the perfect way to solve that problem, but I took to knitting as a solution a while ago. And then I got a new knitting basket so that balls of yarn would not be everywhere and that somehow kept me from knitting for a month or so. I brought the basket out again and am currently working on a baby blanket for the Children's Hospital NICU. That way I can use leftover yarn and do simple patterns. The one right now is just a moss stitch, although I wish I had started it in a basketweave stitch. I'm too lazy to tear anything out even though I'm only five rows in and three were edging.

Anyway, I'm going to go sit in front of the TV with a diet soda (another thing I won't give up. Diet soda is not the devil, people) and knit. And watch Ghost Hunters and How Clean is Your House.

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